Straw color with golden reflections

Colli di Salerno Passito Passion

This estate-bottled Passito is the result of the harvest of the best bunches of Falanghina (Bianca Zita) and Biancolella grapes. A patient work by natural drying and by a slow fermentation in small oak barrels, give this wine an intense aroma with a velvety sweet taste. Straw-colored with golden glow, captivating and distinct taste, with fresh notes of pine needles and hints of Mediterranean scrub, pear with syrup and withered flowers.
The taste is soft, with a sweet taste not too pronounced, enlivened by a slight acidity.

Colli di Salerno Passito Passion

Typical Geographical Indication


Production zone

Municipality of Tramonti, vertical trellis vineyards with guyot pruning and atypical radial, implanted in the villages of Capitignano and Pietre.



Exposure at east and south, with altimetry between 350 and 500 m / sea level, with loamy soil, prevalence of detrital fraction over pyroclastic.



Falanghina 40%, Biancolella 20%, Ginestra 40%.


Alchool level




Careful selection of the bunches and manual harvesting in small 6 kg crates, withering for 4 months in a ventilated and dry place, where the grapes are periodically and scrupulously cleaned up to the moment of pressing which still takes place in the old family press. Fermentation takes place in small 250 liter barriques for about six months.

Note degustative-passito

Tasting notes

It has a golden yellow color, aromatically broad, with aromas of candied fruit, dried figs, honey and a touch of smoked. On the palate it is soft, seductive and supported by a fine acidity. Sweet but not too much. The retro olfactory sensations are persistent and intense.

Abbinamenti consigliati-passito

Suggested pairings

It goes well with mature cheeses from the Lattari Mountains. On small dry pastries and on the typical Santa Rosa sfogliatella of the Amalfi coast.

temperatura di servizio-passito

To be served

Temperature between 10°- 12° C.



375 ml

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