It is made of Sciascinoso white grapes and Piedirosso grapes.
In the glass it has a rosè colour with violet tinges, it has got a persuasive fruity flavour with pleasant purple notes.
It has got a velvety, fresh, dry  harmonic taste.



NAME: Costa d’Amalfi DOC Tramonti Rosato

GRAPES: 60% Piedirosso grapes and 40% Sciascinoso grapes


EXPOSURE AND SEA LEVEL: The vineyard is mainly exposed EASTWARDS, and it stands between 300 and 400 metres above the sea level.

TYPE OF SOIL: It is not slimy, having some blended fractions on the pyroclastic ones.

SYSTEM OF CULTIVATION: Atypical radial and/or pergola cultivation system, with both horizontal and vertical post made of chestnut wood.

DENSITY: About 2500 plants per hectare.

YIELD PER HECTARE: About 90 square metres.

VINTAGE SEASON: Second half of October

WINE-MAKING: This rosè wine needs much care while being made. The stalks are removed from the accurately selected grapes in the vineyard, and these grapes macerate for 12 hours. After this period of time, in which the wine flavours go into the must, the pressing phase starts. The must, separated from the rest after static cold decanting, is left to ferment, using accurately selected yeasts. The fermentation process lasts about 15-20 days at a controlled temperature.  REFINING PROCESS: Storage for 3 - 4 months in stainless steel tanks.

EXTRACT: 19.5 g/l

TOTAL ACIDITY: 5.1 per thousand expressed in tartaric acid.

GRADE OF ALCOHOL: 12.50 % vol.

ORGANOLEPTIC FEATURES: it has a rosè colour with purple tinges. It offers a pleasant range of underbush scents (violets, primroses) and of fruit. When tasting it, it is smooth, sweet and fresh, well balanced, with a penetrating, clean aftertaste.