It is a noble old wine, well known by the ancient traders of Amalfi Maritime Republic.
It is made of  Tintore and Per’ e Palummo grapes; they are cultivated according to the old traditional system of atypical radial cultivation.
It has got an intense ruby colour with purple tinges, a fruity hint, and its scent reminds of the whole range of bushes and spices typical of the steep Mediterranean coasts.
When tasting it, this wine shows a perfect balance between acidity, tannic taste and softness, and all this makes it a full bodied balanced wine.





NAME: Costa d’Amalfi DOC Tramonti Rosso

GRAPES: 60% Tintore grapes and 40% Piedirosso grapes


EXPOSURE AND SEA LEVEL: The exposure is mainly southwards, and it stands between 250 and 500 metres above the sea level.

TYPE OF SOIL: It is not slimy, it is generally made of tufo stone and characterised by the rearrangement of blended and pyroclastic fractions. 

SYSTEM OF CULTIVATION: Atypical radial and/or pergola cultivation system, with both horizontal and vertical posts made of chestnut wood.

DENSITY OF THE VINEYARD: About 2500 plants per hectare.

YIELD PER HECTARE: About 80 sq.m.

VINTAGE SEASON: Second decade of October, the beginning of November.

WINE-MAKING: The stalks are removed from the accurately selected grapes in the vineyard, and these grapes are sent into the tanks for the fermentation where, once the selected yeasts are injected, the long maceration together with the skins takes place. The daily stirring of this mass give colour and structure to this wine. After separating the must from the skins, it keeps fermenting for 15 - 20 days, always at a controlled temperature 

REFINING PROCESS: Storage for 3 - 4 months in stainless steel tanks on fine lees. The constant rise goes on in Slavonian durmast wooden large barrels for at least other 12 months.

EXTRACT: 26.7 g/l

TOTAL GRADE OF ACIDITY: 5.3  per thousand in tartaric acid.

GRADE OF ALCOHOL: 13.00 % vol.

ORGANOLEPTIC FEATURES: Intense cardinal red wine, with purple tinges. It has a fruity taste of red fruits with a range of scents of berries and spices. It has a perfect balance of acidity, tannin and smoothness giving it its full and balanced taste. It is a wine with a strong texture and long life.